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MaxAchieve Inc. is a leader in the field of performance and rehab therapy. Our Mission is to provide quality, researched-based performance therapy leading to effective outcomes and a greater quality of life.

Through our groundbreaking BrainFirst! Neuro Intensive program we are helping hundreds of our patients achieve breakthrough results. Our program is designed for people of all ages and can help conditions such as Developmental Delays, ADD/ADHS, Autsim and Asperger's, Sensory for Adults and Children, Vision/Visual Perceptual, Stroke Rehab, Tramatic Brain Injury (TBI), Parkinson's Rehab and other Neurological Disorders.

We have also worked with dozens of athletes from high school to world class professionals. Our unique, customized programs have shown demonstrated results in reaction timing, concentration, impulse control, focus, increased mental endurance, and overall performance improvement.

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